Monday, April 30, 2012

Lake Word Art - in Color

Here's some Lake Love

Expression in Word Art:

You might remember an earlier post
when I talked about making subway art
in greys and blacks.

But I wanted to try the prints
with a background color.

The main difference between the black and the colors
is the poster finish
and the cost.
When making the black and grey art,
the print comes with a matte finish
and is around $3.
The colored posters are a shinier finish
even when ordered in matte
and they cost around $13
(unless you can find them on sale which I did
at Zazzle for about $8)
Then there are shipping costs as well.

It is fun to experiment in Photoshop
with different colored backgrounds.
You can see on the red that I added a lot of shading.

Here is the original design in Photoshop
and then the finished sanded look:

I built the box frame with 1/4" MDF
and wood trim .

Paint the edges
a darker shade of your poster color.

I used Mod Podge this time to glue the poster on.
The colored paper is heavier so you can use a heavier glue.

Remove any stickers
from the back of the poster.

Here you can see the poster edge

Then use a finer grit sandpaper
for the front poster surface.
The colored poster only needs
a very light sanding to distress..

These can be customized for any lake

Hope you found some inspiration today!
Thanks for visiting, Deb

be sure to really press paper repeatedly.
Although these first projects didn't get air pockets,
some have.
To resolve that, I used a pin to put a hole in front,
wiggle around and put some glue under.
After dry, then sand lightly.

There is another tip on "Plaid's" site
that says to spray both sides of paper and let dry.
(evidently all of the shrinkage will occur before application)

                   The 36th Avenue
                   House of Hepworths
                   A Glimpse Inside

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pewter and White Dresser

Hey DIY friends!
Hope you enjoy this before and after
and everything in between.

So many of these little lovelies
begin something
like this:

And end up
finding their way into
hearts and homes:

With some soft color,
a worn treatment,
and some new hardware,
old furniture pieces
become wanted and new again.

The little details make the difference

I would love to help you
fix up an unwanted furniture piece
for your home!
So here are some tips:

After removing old hardware
making any repair with wood filler,
sanding and wiping down,
you are ready to prime.
On larger pieces I use a brush on primer.

Then I (I mean my husband)
base painted the dresser
in a semi-gloss white

Looks so much better already.
I wipe all interior drawers
with a cleaner bleach.
If there is still an odor,
spray with a clear spray paint.

Now the fun begins.
I mixed some of my acrylic paint
with white to get the gray I was looking for.

You will need at least two coats on the drawer fronts.

Now you can make the edges look worn
with sandpaper.

Next I added some paint detail...
scrolls and flourishes.
I used a flat brush double loaded
white on one side of the brush
and darker gray on the other.
Dip in clear glaze and
paint out your design.
Then use a liner brush for finer detail.
I wanted a very subtle design.
It will be soft
and maybe only seen from certain directions.

Now it's time to add some dark edges.
I think it warms the piece up.
Using black acrylic paint and glaze
use a smaller brush to apply
around edges.

Wipe off extra with a baby wipe.

After the acrylic sealer was brushed on the top
and the drawer fronts,
she was all ready for her new jewelry...
the cup pulls.

Okay, now this will turn you into
my dumpster diving friend -
I found this in the neighbor's trash!
That makes the transformation even more fun.
I think I will sell this locally.

I love sharing these tutorials with you all
and I hope you find ways
to use some of these ideas in your home!
See you soon, Deb

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Canvas Monogram - Make a Wedding Gift

Just think -
You could personalize wedding gifts
for your friends this summer!
make one for yourself.

Either way, this is a good punch of pattern and color
for your front door
or inside your home.

Start with a canvas Panel (about 2 or 3 dollars)
This one measures 16 X 20.

Start with painting the back semi-gloss black
for a nice finishing touch.

Paint the front of the canvas one solid color
or mix two tones.
I double loaded a brush using
lime green on one side of the brush and
darker sour apple green on the other.

When you look at the background pattern,
what shape do you see?
4 leaf design?

I suppose you could pick any of those shapes
to make your stencil.
I chose the 4 leaf pattern:

For my stencil
I started with a piece of cardstock paper.
Draw your shape
leaving good margins around your design.
I cover both sides of my cardstock with
wide packaging tape to sturdy it up
and make it reuseable.
Then using an exacto knife
on my cutting board, I cut out
the 4 leaf pattern.
This pattern shape
needs to be a 4 inch square so it
will fit nicely on the 16 X 20 canvas.
Then lay in the white paint
and repeat so that the edges of the
stencil repeat just touch.

Any rough edges can be cleaned up with paint
or wiped off if you catch it right away.
Baby wipes are a staple on my art table!
To give the white leaf pattern
a nicer finish,
take a 1" flat brush loaded with white paint
and pull it on it's side making a clean line.

Lightly sketch in where you want
your flourish pattern to go.
I made a large paper pattern
to trace around.
Then use a liner brush
loaded with grey and white to paint  the flourish design.
I add clear glaze to dip my brush in
to extend the paint and
get better flow.

Then make a large pattern
for the monogram letter.
Trace around and fill in.

Now for the grommets on top:
Using a 3/8" inch spade bit
drill two holes away from the edges

Clean up front and back edges
with an exacto knife.

Put top grommet extender through the front of the canvas.

Hold flat piece on back.

Using the grommet tool kit,
lay the front ring into the receiving flat disc.
Hammer the little silver driver
down from the back side.

You need to be firm with your hammer
and working on a hard surface
(a concrete floor is good).

Ta Da!
You're ready for the ribbon.

You can do it!
Wouldn't that make a great gift!

Have a great weekend,

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