Sunday, April 22, 2018

Feather Printable

The sun is shining and the birds are singing!

I thought I would pop in

and share 

a fun spring and summer print.

In the farmhouse tones

of black and white,

I painted this tribal style watercolor feather

and added some black script.

If you would like an 8 x 10, click here for PDF.

Feather Printable 8x10

Enjoy friends!


Saturday, February 10, 2018

Love Shack Hot Pads

Here's a simple Paint and Sewing DIY 

that I hope you enjoy!

There's still time to make some of these

for Valentines,

but they would be fun year round.

Maybe a fun anniversary gift idea!

What I love about these hearts

is the soft and textured paint application.

The diluted black paint 

looks like weathered gray barnwood.

Here are your templates.

The hot pads measure 8" x 8".

To make your own stencil,

cover front and back with clear packaging tape.

Then cut out interior design.

Use black acrylic paint


textile medium.

Use a pea sized puddle of black.

Use a quarter sized puddle of textile medium.

Mix together.

Dip your brush and wipe off slightly on paper towel

before stenciling.

Your brush strokes will be vertical

pulling from the top down on the heart.

(similar application on the letters, except

you will be pulling from top and bottom

carefully so that you don't have paint run under

your stencil.  It helps to keep a bit dryer brush.

You can use a fine liner to clean up lettering)

Less is more.

Maybe practice on scrap fabric first 

to get the pressure that you want.

Heat set paint.

Cover painted area with a light cloth.

Use hot iron and press for 15 seconds.

I used a medium weight cotton twill, cutting liberal 9" squares.

You could use a light canvas, cotton, or linen...

really many types of fabric work.

I like to use one layer of insulated batting

plus one layer of cotton batting.

The painted cotton and white cotton square

will be sewn right sides together.

 Leave an opening about 4".

Trim and turn.

Handstitch 4" opening closed.

Topstitch around edges

and diagonal lines.

Cute black and white addition 

to your kitchen!

I have several art endeavors

happening right now.

Here are a few new listings in my Etsy store:

Always sharing the love of paint with you all.

I hope you guys enjoy this easy love shack paint project.

If you're like me you love to give handmade things.

From the heart, ya know.